Easter/Spring Blog Rebirth

Posted on: 05/05/2014

I know, you’re thinking, “Easter? Aren’t you a little late for a post about that?” Nooooo…. I’m getting it in early for next year 😉

It’s been a busy season in my life (we’ve added a 4th child to our brood & moved) & I thought a simple blog post would be the best return. Hopefully a slow start will keep me from losing steam. Maybe I’ll still be blogging by Easter time next year!

This year, my goal was for simplicity! Taking a tip from Alton Brown, I baked our eggs in the oven. Heat the oven to 320° & 30 minutes later you’ve got hard baked eggs. Alton uses a muffin pan, but we just stick our (large) eggs right on the rack.

In years past, we’ve made our own natural dyes. This year we picked up a box of eco friendly egg dyes from a local store. Before the kids dropped the eggs in dye, I let them color on the (still hot) eggs with crayons. My toddler especially loved this activity! The crayons easily glide along the hot eggs & make neat drip marks if held in place for a bit. If you allow your children to do this activity, be sure they understand that the eggs are still very hot and can burn them.



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