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Children 'N Us Diaper Bag

I was recently sent this great diaper bag, but I haven’t been able to test it out since we’ve been so sick! I’m looking forward to using it when the weather improves now that our health is better. Here’s some information about the bag:

Children ‘n Us is a new, family-owned company that’s fighting back against profit hungry business people who don’t understand the needs of parents.

We’ve started changing the way products for children are designed one product at a time, and here’s our Premium Stroller Organizer. We know exactly how hard it is to take care of children, and the products we develop are designed with your specific needs in mind-not the goals of a few men sitting around a boardroom table.

Children ‘n Us Stroller Organizer is The Only Diaper Bag Designed By Parents, For Parents! And It’s Affordable.

This purchase is totally risk-free. If you aren’t satisfied with our product, we’ll give you all of your money back!

While Tomoson and Children ‘N Us provided me this item to review, all opinions are my own!


On my birthday I received a package for Biscuit & I wasn’t the least bit disappointed that it wasn’t a birthday gift for me. You see, after chatting a bit on Twitter with Gina Blatt, the creator of Let’s Potty, I was excited to receive a copy of the game for Biscuit to play. With him in the process of potty training, the timing was impeccable!


Let's Potty, the only potty training board game on the market!

As soon as I took it out of the shipping package, he wanted to play with it. “That’s my potty game, Mama!” Heck yeah it is, dude… after you go potty.


Let's Potty is for 2-4 players ages 2+

I quickly looked at the directions to see how much “guidance” this was going to require from me. Essentially the rules are “Start at the beginning, take turns reading cards & stay or advance as directed. Continue until all players reach the end & everyone wins!” No complicated roll a die, take steps back or anything else that would overwhelm a kid new to board games. Awesome!


4 player pieces representing both sexes & many ethnicities


Nothing flimsy about these pieces made for young kids

I was pleasantly surprised by the player pieces. There’s two boys & two girls of different ethnicities printed on durable cut-outs that you place into bright heavyweight plastic domes. This really is a game made to be played by the two and up age set!


Rules for the game & real life

The game cards are printed on the same durable board as the player pieces. When it’s your turn, flip over the topmost card & read it out loud to see if you need to remain in your current spot or if you get to advance. Some of these are typical moments during potty training (pulling up your own pants, being in a rush) & others are silly (my boys loved the Super Pooper card). All of the cards help with getting children used to bathroom vocabulary. When reading the cards, you can substitute language that suits your family.


Preparing to play (yes, Biscuit is wearing makeup)

Cookie agreed to play the game with Biscuit so that I could juggle Muffin & the camera. They had a good time playing & Biscuit easily understood the rules of the game. He got to the end first, which thrilled him, then he went to the potty & asked for a jellybean. I’ll take that as a sign of positive potty reinforcement!


Advancing his piece, Biscuit happily got to the end 1st

With the construction going on to rebuild the house next door, potty training has hit a few bumps since Biscuit can’t just run out back in his birthday suit whenever he needs to pee. Plus, we were pretty busy this past weekend with various errands which meant he was in diapers most of the time out of the house. He did try to use the restroom at Whole Foods, but Dad & I weren’t prepared & that was a total fail on our part! Otherwise, he’s been rocking potty training with almost no tears (from all of us) & hardly any messes. I’m already seeing a slight laundry decrease, score!


The Super Pooper card, haha!

Let’s Potty was created by Gina Blatt, a mother (and potty-trainer) of three and her brother Danny, a new father with potty training on the horizon. Their sense of humor & fondness of childhood board games led to the creation of Let’s Potty, the only potty training board game on the market! You can find Let’s Potty on Facebook and Gina on Twitter. The game retails for $27.99 on Amazon, but one lucky reader will win their own Let’s Potty game from Jens2Cents! Because blogs hosted on WordPress can not host Rafflecopter giveaways, the contest will be held on the Jens2Cents Facebook page under the Giveaway tab. Contest will run for one week from 12am CDT on September 12, 2014 until 12am CDT on September 19, 2014. Upon close of contest, a winner will be randomly selected. Winner’s contact information will be given to sponsor for purpose of prize delivery. Facebook & WordPress are not in any way affiliated with this giveaway. Let’s Potty provided me with a game for the purpose of this review, but all statements & opinions are my own.


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