Ten Things I’m Thankful For

Posted on: 09/25/2014

It’s day 4 of The SITS Girls Back to Blogging Challenge. Today’s challenge is to post ten things you’re thankful for. I think the “challenge” is narrowing it down!


Can you see the love?

*My family- I guess this one’s a no-brainer. I am a fierce lover of family, both immediate & not so immediate. I’ve been lucky to have them more times than I can count.

*Music- Music has always been playing in the background of my life. I am (usually) thankful that when I have forgotten things, certain songs can bring back their memory clear as day. My favorite album is extra special to me after birthing while listening to it last Halloween.

*Books- Oh to have the time to actually lose myself in a book these days! I am thankful that the kids are showing an interest in books and that being an Usborne consultant helps us keep the house stocked with new offerings.


Bacon & eggs, both produced locally

*Local food- We are lucky to live in a climate where food can be produced year-round. The Quarry Farmers Market, my favorite market, is open every Sunday except for holidays! I’ve gotten to know the people who grow my food & that is something I am truly thankful for.

*Greenling– Ok, this is kind of a spin-off from the last one because it’s mostly local, but an organic grocery delivery service deserves it’s own thankful slot! We’re big fans of the prepped meals (blog post soon) and their customer service is great!

*My parenting group- I’m not nearly as active in our local natural parenting group as I was before Muffin’s birth & the valley of despair that is PPD, but I am slowly getting back in to the groove of hanging out with these great people again. I’ve learned so many useful things, have sought advice and found unexpected support amongst strangers who have quickly become good friends. I’m thankful for this group & the midwife who insisted I seek it out.


Nursing Muffin for the first time

*Breastfeeding- You may have noticed that I stopped my National Breastfeeding Month series about midway through. I was feeling frustrated with our tandem nursing relationship & it was hard to post supportive things in that mindset. I’m very thankful though for my ability to have that frustration. To be able to nourish two children simultaneously is a wondrous thing (even if it makes me a little batty). With the abundance of illnesses during the fall/winter, it’s especially nice to know 2 of my kids will have extra protection.

*My smartphone- Seriously. This device entertains, is a writing instrument, means of communication, takes pictures, can navigate & do many other things. I’m thankful that we can afford such neat gadgets.

*My past- There are many things in my past that I kind of wish had played out differently, but I wouldn’t change anything as somehow it all led to here. I’m thankful for the mistakes of my past, they make me aware of how truly blessed I am at this point in my life.


Our wedding day, we look much different now!

*My husband- Yes, I know, I already said I’m thankful for my family, but this dude has really earned his own spot on the thankful list. He has become my rock & constantly reminds me why. He puts up with a lot, calls me beautiful & goes out of his way to let me know I’m loved. Yeah, I’m thankful for him in a big way. ❤

What are you thankful for? Does your list resemble mine?


6 Responses to "Ten Things I’m Thankful For"

You’ve got some incredible blessings in your life, Jen!

We love the Quarry Farmer’s Market too. So many delicious, fresh, healthy offerings. It’s almost overwhelming! 😉


Indeed, I am very blessed!

Going to the Quarry Farmers Market is a bit of a shock to my wallet, must buy all the yummy things! It’s a great family outing 🙂


What a wonderful collection and I am happy for all of them for you!



You are counted amongst those blessings ❤


Indeed, you are blessed!
Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
Have a nice day!


Thank you Veronica ❤


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