Fall Bucket List

Posted on: 09/22/2014

It’s the first day of The SITS Girls Back To Blogging Challenge. My Fall Bucket List will probably look a bit different from most. Remember that social anxiety I mentioned? It really keeps me from enjoying a lot of the fun stuff happening during the holidays. I want this year to be different! That’s the focus of my Fall Bucket List, really experiencing the fun with my family.

Here’s what I’d like to do this fall in no particular order:


Biscuit at a pumpkin patch in '12

*Visit a decent pumpkin patch.
*Take several nature walks. If we’re lucky, the Texas trees’ leaves may actually change color during autumn!
*Do something with pumpkins. Decorate them, cook them, chunk them, whatever!
*Bake. This is not necessarily related to the previous item. I just want a warm, yummy smelling house.


Turkey-headed Biscuit from 2 years ago

*There will be turkey and it will be badass. We have been buying our turkeys (and chickens and eggs) locally from Parker Creek Ranch for a few years now. Some day I will have chickens myself, until then we’ll be customers of Mandy & Travis.
*Our zoo has an annual Halloween event. We have a family membership so we get a small discount. The last time we went was 4 years ago. I think Biscuit will enjoy it the most.
*I’d also like to make use of our Sea World memberships by going to their annual Halloween event at least once. It lasts over several weekends.


Biscuit & I, yep 2 years ago

*Speaking of Halloween, I want to dress up & go have fun with the kids. I’ve done it a handful of times with them & often have to return home early while they finish without me.
*We’ll let them have a couple pieces of their Halloween loot, then swap the rest for healthier candies from the Natural Candy Store.


Halloween last year, photograph by M.Y. Photography

*Oh yeah, we’ll also be celebrating Muffin’s first birthday on Halloween. ❀
*Hopefully family will pass through town & we’ll make our annual trek to Houston as well. (We missed everyone last year, but didn’t want to chance Muffin getting sick.)
*I’d like to visit the Witte Museum before the Grossolgy exhibit ends. I want to take pictures of the kids inside a giant nose! And they might learn stuff I suppose.
*The weekend after Thanksgiving has become a favorite for us & friends. We host “Friendsgiving” on whichever day is most convenient for everyone. Our friends come over with their families & leftovers to relax after what can often be a stressful holiday.
*I seriously want to do some fall craft playdates with the bestie. Leaves, glitter, construction paper, glue… Yeah, it’s about to get crazy y’all.

What do you plan to do this fall?


5 Responses to "Fall Bucket List"

I like the “friendsgiving” day the weekend after Thanksgiving idea. That sounds like fun. I’ve only dressed up for halloween at work or if we are going to a party. Now that my son is a teenager I miss going to the pumpkin patch and doing the fun kids halloween things.


My oldest is a teenager, but I hope she’ll still participate in the fun! We’ve really enjoyed Friendsgiving, it’s a nice tradition πŸ™‚


The friendsgiving idea is brilliant..I think it’s all about being with your loved ones, isn’t it?

Random Thoughts Naba…Welcome Fall!……

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That sounds like a lovely list of things to accomplish this fall, Jen. I can tell you from experience that the SeaWorld Halloween is so much fun (just be sure to leave by 7pm when things get way too scary for kids under 13). And, Grossology at the Witte is totally worth it. We’ve been twice already and my kids can’t get enough of it! πŸ™‚


Thanks for the tips Colleen! I hope we get everything checked off the list this year.


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