Half Of My Life

Posted on: 09/15/2014


My Cupcake

Fifteen years ago, I woke up unaware of how life altering that day would become. Exactly three weeks prior, I had turned fifteen. Yep, I was a teen mom. For half of my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to call the beauty in the above picture my daughter.

I think I’ve been holding my breath all these years, just waiting for this birthday. Would she be like me? Watching her grow & blossom over the years has been amazing & frightening. Yes, she is a lot like me, but she is her own person & has made very different choices. I’ve always been pretty open with my kids about what I’ve done in the past & how I might have done things differently or why I think making certain choices was necessary in order for me to learn things about myself. (You can’t really lie about having sex as a teenager when you were a teen mom!) I think this honesty has really helped guide Cupcake in making different decisions despite us being so similar in many ways.

I know I can relax now, but I probably won’t. Not because I don’t trust her, but because I’ve been uber protective of her from the get go and half your life is a long time to love someone. I can’t wait to see what the next fifteen years bring her.


She made red velvet cupcakes to celebrate

Happy birthday Cupcake. I love you ❤


4 Responses to "Half Of My Life"

She’s such a beautiful girl inside and out. I hope she had a wonderful day! And I hear you… I don’t think moms ever relax even when they’re grown with their own kids.


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Thank you Traci. She had a good day & looks forward to seeing y’all soon! ❤


Happy birthday to her! You are a wonderful mom, Jen. She is lucky to have you (and I bet you’re lucky to have her too!). 🙂

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Thank you Colleen. We are certainly blessed to have such a wonderful girl in our family!


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