Potty Training Progress, Are the Jellybeans Disappearing?

Posted on: 08/29/2014

“I pooooooped!” Biscuit yelled as he ran away from the potty. I thought to myself, “This kid is always running to or from the potty these days.“, as I chased him down the hall before he could sit on the bed with his dirty butt. Actually, that’s not entirely true. He runs to the backyard when he has to pee. There’s yelling then as well. “Going outside, I have to peeeeee!” He looks so peaceful standing out there with his blonde curls trailing down his back. I tell ya, meeting the call of nature has never looked so serene.

He’s spent most of the daylight hours during the last week naked and running. There’s plenty of fart/pee/poop jokes as well, oh joy! His best friend, Hulk, is currently in the process too. When he comes to visit, my backyard is inevitably full of boys in various stages of undress. What is it about boys that makes them want to strip down to their skivvies (or less!) once they get in to a group?


Let's Potty!, the only potty training board game on the market.

In the first couple of days, he had several jellybeans. As the week has gone by, sometimes he asks for his reward & other times he’s too busy running back to his original task to be bothered. He’s only had two carpet messes & one of those was because he tried to pee into his potty while standing since it was too late to go running & yelling outside. We’re still using diapers at nights & on outings, but he can stay pretty dry during those times.

We recently received the award winning Let’s Potty board game to review. This week has been pretty hectic with my birthday, the return of (home)school, announcing my Facebook page, the aforementioned naked potty training Biscuit, and various other adventures in our day to day lives. Next week we’ll hopefully have a homeschool playdate with Hulk & his siblings so all the kids can try the game, but we’ll be playing it as a family this weekend!

Are you on a potty training journey right now too? How are things going for y’all?


1 Response to "Potty Training Progress, Are the Jellybeans Disappearing?"

Sounds like he is rocking the training — YAY!


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