Rainbow Baby Carrier Love

Posted on: 08/22/2014

While visiting with a friend yesterday, I realized I really have a fondness for rainbow baby carriers! They deserve their own post, don’t you think?


Girasol Phoenix ring sling

My first rainbow purchase was a Girasol Phoenix ring sling that I bought from a local mama in March. We have used this ring sling a lot. It was so soft when it arrived, Muffin had no problem sleeping in it from day one. In fact, she liked to sleep in it so much that I started to get a pain in my neck from wearing her all day long. Changing shoulders would help this problem, but it feels odd to wear the rings on the other side. I borrowed a wrap conversion mei tai from my local Babywearing International Chapter and fell in love. I needed to add a WCMT to my stash.


Girasol Mysol in Northern Lights

I set a maximum amount that I was willing to spend on a WCMT and crossed my fingers that I would find a rainbow one within budget. I kept an eye on swap boards for a little while and in early June I bought a beautiful Northern Lights Girasol Mysol. Now on days when I know she wants to be worn nonstop, I grab this carrier. The ring sling is still great for shorter periods though.


Toddler Tula in Rainbow Gems

What about Biscuit? We encourage toddler wearing too! Usually Dad wears Biscuit, but luckily he’s ok with a rainbow carrier. When I saw the Rainbow Gems Toddler Tula at Kiwi Baby Shop (affiliate link), I knew this was the perfect toddler carrier for us! I sold our Blue Seahorses Toddler Tula to my best friend for a steal (despite being told it was a hard to find print) because I wanted to sell the carrier to someone who would actually love it rather than use it as a status symbol.

I have a pretty good collection of rainbow baby carriers, but it doesn’t stop me from admiring and dreaming about other pretty rainbows I see! Is there a certain colorway that you’re drawn to in your carrier collection?


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