Is It Potty Time Yet?

Posted on: 08/19/2014

My Biscuit turned three this past April and he loves his cloth diapers. Seriously. The kid doesn’t want to give them up! I know most people start potty training (is potty learning the current PC term?) long before this point and honestly, I thought we’d have already hit this milestone by now, but I’ve been trying to wait until he was truly ready. I am getting a wee (see what I did there?) bit impatient though. (Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.)


Potty & trainers bought in April & rarely used

He sat on the toilet a few times before his second birthday (his idea), so I bought him a cushioned potty seat, folding travel seat and cheap training pants thinking we’d be done quickly. Silly me. We had just found out we were expecting baby #4, so I didn’t want to throw too much at him at once and stress him out. I also had concerns about regression (some of which were well founded) and honestly didn’t want to stress myself out trying to get him acquainted with the potty if there was a good chance he’d wind up back in diapers. Months went by, baby sister was born and he definitely regressed and showed very little interest in the toilet.

We decided to wait until his birthday to jump back on the training wagon. This is when we bought a potty and better quality trainers from Kiwi Baby Shop (the cheap ones were not made for his thick thighs). Of course we then had to move unexpectedly, visit family, then finally unpack so potty time once again wasn’t a priority, especially not with a boy who REALLY loves his diapers (did I mention that already?).


Potty rewards A.K.A. jelly beans

As I posted recently though, I really need a break from the nonstop cycle of breastfeeding and cloth diapers! Over the last month, I’ve let him go around the house naked whenever I remember to do so. I’ve finally resorted to bribery. Many friends have mentioned that rewarding with M&MS worked for their child when stickers hadn’t. We don’t eat a lot of candy, but I have now reached the point where I’m ready to try anything. We avoid artificial colors & flavors, so I bought the Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans that the kids all love and put them in a jar high on the linen shelf. Biscuit knows that this jar of jelly beans is just for him and no one else can have any. We decided on a reward of one bean each time he pees in the potty & three beans for poop. This method has the added bonus of math/counting skills too!

We’re still not being pushy and some days I forget to or can’t let him run around naked (which seems to help a great deal with getting to the potty on time). Once the weather cools down a bit & we no longer have 100° days (thanks Texas!), I’m planning to spend most of our days in the backyard where he can run around naked & feel less embarrassed if he doesn’t get to the potty on time.

Got any potty training/learning advice for me?

ETA: I’ve had several people inquire about the lid on our potty treats, it’s a reCAP lid.


2 Responses to "Is It Potty Time Yet?"

Take to the potty 1st thing in the morning before he eats or anything, even if he doesn’t do anything at first, it builds the habit of visiting the little room. I found that running water the sink sometimes helps to inspire a wee wee. My boys enjoyed having a storybook to look at, Naked? Well one of the perks for my kids was I let them strip off every stitch of clothing to use the potty. Don’t know why they loved that, but they did. With the boys I had to watch out for the peeing contest’s! Also helps to have older, same sex sibling take him to the bathroom to “show him how it is done”. A little wooden stool so he can “pee like Daddy” also come’s in helpful.
As far as poop, you are one your own, usually when they get tired of the feeling of it in their britches they come around, that and washing the behind off with a cold water hose outside, LOL. Well that was my antiquated methods, oh and bribery of course.

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Lol! This kid loves running around naked! Thanks for the tips, I’ve been meaning to get a stool ❤


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