ginnybakes Review

Posted on: 08/12/2014


A mountain of ginnybakes yummies!

Ok y’all, I have a confession to make… I’m a chocoholic. When I got an offer to try ginnybakes gluten-free goodies, my first thought was “Please let there be chocolate!” My second thought was wondering what the texture would be like. We’ve tried a variety of gluten-free foods in our quest for wheat alternatives and many of them have been really dry. I needn’t have worried on either front. There was (dark) chocolate(!) and while the cookies and brownies paired well with our raw milk, it wasn’t necessary with these moist goodies!


Organic? Check! Gluten-free? Check? Delicious? Check!

I’m so glad I can type with my mouth full. Ha! Ginny, the founder of the family-owned ginnybakes, is a holistic nutritionist and her passion is to create outrageously delicious and nutritious treats that everyone can enjoy. All ginnybakes products are void of artificial ingredients, gluten-free, organic, non- GMO, and kosher. They also offer a line of totally vegan treats and some of the ginnybars that I tried said “paleo” on the packaging!


All of these were delicious. While neither paleo or vegan, the happy chocolate bliss was my favorite

As a breastfeeding mother, I try to incorporate oats into my diet in as many ways as possible due to its lactogenic (milk increasing) properties. I’m not a fan of mushy bowls of oatmeal so granola, cookies and other baked goods are called for. The yummy ginnybakes oatmeal coconut bliss line is going to make a regular appearance in my breastfeeding treat rotation. Just look at these ingredients: organic coconut blended with dark, organic raisins, crispy whole walnuts, and gluten-free rolled oats to make the most perfect oatmeal cookie with a bit of a tropical twist. An ideal treat for a nursing mama like myself. If you prefer having fenugreek, brewers yeast, or other milk boosting ingredients in your treats, grab a box of ginnybakes coconut oatmeal bliss bake mix as a base & throw in your own add-ins.


Even the baby loves chocolate chip love cookies!

The kids were all big fans of the chocolate chip love cookies. So much so that they asked to bring them as a snack in the car. Boxes of ginnyminis are the same price as boxes of full sized ginnybakes, $5.99, and can be found at Whole Food Market. Use the store locator on to find gluten-free goodies near you.


Daddy couldn't resist ginnyminis!

Everyone agreed that the best ginnybakes item we sampled was the lovely brownie bliss mix. I may have eaten more than my fair share. The kids, mini-chocoholics that they are, threw extra chocolate chips in our batch. We paired them with nice cold glasses of raw milk for a yummy treat!


This is lovely brownie bliss indeed!

Follow ginnybakes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to stay up to date with new offerings and get exclusive access to discounts and special offers! Thanks ginnybakes and Moms Meet for giving my family the opportunity to sample these goodies!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetsSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Medai Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.


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