Reasons Why I Love Breastfeeding

Posted on: 08/11/2014

There are so many reasons to love breastfeeding, some sweet, some practical & some are downright silly. Here’s a few of my reasons!


The best reason, photo by Lemon Yellow Black

*It’s free! While there are all kinds of useful breastfeeding gadgets on the market, most women don’t really need any of it.

*It’s convenient. Not only do I not need to run out to the store to buy anything, I also have zero prep time! As soon as baby is hungry, I’m ready to feed her/him.

*Co-sleeping is a breeze. I have always had problems sleeping. Getting up to do anything in the middle of the night usually leaves me wide awake for awhile. Being able to just scoot closer to feed my baby makes me less likely to fully awaken than getting up to prepare a bottle would.

*Formula fed baby poop singes my nose hairs. Not that breastfed baby poo smells like roses, but I’ll change ten breastfed poop diapers over one formula fed diaper any day! ~Bonus~ Cloth diapers of breastfed babies can be tossed straight into the wash as breastmilk is water soluble!

*It makes boo-boos all better. My son can fall down, scrape his knee, nurse for five seconds and then run off (with blood dripping down his leg) as if nothing ever happened.

*Pedialyte wishes it could compare. Lots of doctors recommend Pedialyte or something similar to keep children hydrated when they’re sick. Breastmilk is far superior. It will keep your child nourished and hydrated, provide extra antibodies and lots of snuggle time.

Why do you love breastfeeding?


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