The Breastfeeding Multitasker

Posted on: 08/08/2014

Do you try to use the time you’re breastfeeding your baby as efficiently as possible? Are you a multitasking maven who can nurse your baby while checking your email or reading a book? Do you put baby in a carrier so you can nurse while prepping dinner or washing laundry? Maybe you should stop.


Focused on nursing Muffin for the 1st time, photo taken by M.Y. Photography

Now hear me out, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do these things at all. I have four kids, remember? Multitasking is a required skill! If you find that every time you breastfeed your baby your hands & mind are occupied with other activities, maybe it’s time to multitask less & focus on a single task more often.

We all know that multitasking can lead to less than optimal results. If you’re not solely focused on the task at hand, things are done sloppily and the end product is not exactly what you had in mind. What does that have to do with feeding a baby? So long as she gets fed breastmilk, isn’t that all that matters? Sadly, the answer is no.


Watching a show together while nursing

Breastfeeding is about more than just feeding your baby breastmilk (this can all be applied to bottlefeeding as well). Each time you feed your baby it is an opportunity to interact one-on-one with each other and to quietly bond. If you use every feeding to accomplish something else, bonding with your baby will take the backburner. You will miss out on those sweet little smiles that are just for you, watching your milk drunk baby slip off to sleep & so much more.

Again, I’m not saying don’t ever multitask while breastfeeding. I am saying perhaps you shouldn’t multitask at every feeding.


Early morning tandem nursing, definitely multitasking

How about you, what do you while nursing? Is there a task that you can only seem to get done in conjunction with nursing?


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