Feed Her, Breastfeeding is Hungry Work!

Posted on: 08/04/2014

About a week after my friends give birth I like to drop off a meal & have a brief (10 minutes or so) visit. Most of the women that I know intend to breastfeed. By waiting a week, I feel that mom & baby have had a little time to recover and the immediate onslaught of visitors has tapered a bit. A brief visit gives mom time to ask for any advice or share concerns with an experienced friend, but also won’t wear her out feeling as if she needs to entertain a guest. I make a point to ask how nursing is going, offer any advice I may have & pass along the number to a local International Board Certified Lactation (IBCLC).


My crockpot at work for a new mama's meal

After making many of these visits, I’ve settled on a meal that I can easily throw together & adjust for diet restrictions, even during a hectic week: CHILI! I always have homemade broth, ground meat, veggies & pinto beans ready to go for a quick filling meal to gift to my friends’ families. Aside from being cheap (I use local & organic ingredients, but this is always a thrifty dish) & easy to make, chili is a great meal for a new mom who might not have time to eat many healthy meals. It can be eaten one-handed with a spoon and is full of belly filling protein. To save time, I always make enough to feed my friends for a few meals and my family for one meal.


Chili ready to go!

In addition to the chili, I like to make lactation cookies for the mama to snack on, making sure to advise her not to eat too many at once. I also gather a few breastfeeding supplies to gift to her, which I’ll cover in another post soon!

Do you have a favorite meal to give to new moms? Do you talk to your new mom friends about their breastfeeding relationship or wait until they mention it?


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