Berry Good Sun Tea

Posted on: 07/25/2014

For Mother’s Day this year my mom bought me a beautiful 2.5 gallon glass drink dispenser (much like this one, but with a metal nozzle). I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to make Sun Tea & it finally happened!


That's a lot of tea!

What’s Sun Tea & how do you make it? Simple! Sun Tea is just tea that’s brewed passively by using the warmth from the sun to heat the water. The only special equipment you need is a glass drink dispenser with a lid. Plastic will leech chemicals into your tea as it heats up outside. If you don’t have a glass drink dispenser, a quart sized (or larger) mason jar will work (mind the hot lid when the tea is done).

Fill your dispenser/jar with water & add an appropriate number of tea bags for your sized container. Find a sunny spot outside where your container won’t get knocked over & let it sit for a few hours until it looks as dark as you’d like. (I left mine out for about 3 hours in direct, mid-day Texas sun.) If it’s too strong, you can dilute it with water. I find tea brewed in this manner to have a more mellow flavor & I don’t have to mind a pot of boiling water!

When we brought the tea inside, I discovered that we were out of ice (again, ha!), but there were a TON of frozen organic berries (mama loves a sale)! Um, yes please. For those who just wanted a light berry flavor, I dropped the frozen berries in like ice cubes & served. I like flavored teas, but don’t like all of the icky ingredients in them (artificial colors & flavors, HFCS & many more undesirable ingredients) so I wanted to make a strong berry flavored tea as a treat to myself.

To make your own, put a few frozen berries into an empty cup. (If you are going to add sweetener and/or lemon, now is the time to do it.) Next, pour just a little bit of tea into your cup, about half an inch or so; then use the back of a spoon to smash up the berries into a juicy slurry. Once done, add a couple more frozen berries & full your cup the rest of the way with tea. Yummy! I won’t admit how many glasses I drank, but I did get a good dose of antioxidants! 😉

How are you staying cool this summer?

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