10 Signs That You Have Hippie-Long Hair

Posted on: 07/22/2014

1. Your arms get tired brushing your hair & pulling it through a ponytail holder.

2. A single strand of your hair balled up looks like what most people clean out of their brush.

3. You could make a tiny animal out of what you clean out of your hairbrush.

4. Your hair knocks things over in the shower. (What? Hippies can take showers!)

5. Everytime your hair brushes against you, you think it’s a bug because what else could possibly be tickling your butt crack?

6. Even strangers comment on how long your hair is… before they suggest that “you should donate it”.

7. The weight of your hair leaves you with a near constant headache.

8. Your kids (& significant other) have gotten stuck in your hair.

9. You don’t brush your hair every day because it’s an hour long process and no one with kids has time for that.

10. Anyone who sees you with your hair down has to mention that you “look like a hippie” at least once. 😉


I take "hippie" as a compliment


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