A Bit About Our Babywearing Obsession

Posted on: 07/18/2014

We have slowly moved into the ranks of addicted babywearers. I say we because yes, my husband wears the youngest two as well. In fact, we have carriers that are just for him to use since we have different body shapes & prefer different carriers for personal comfort.


My husband wearing our 3 year old in a Toddler Tula

Recently, my favorite thing about babywearing is the boost in my milk supply. With two nurslings, I occasionally feel like a fully tapped keg. After just a few minutes of my littlest one being placed in to a carrier, I can feel my chest start swelling with milk. Babies are happy, mommy’s happy.


Me wearing my 8.5 month old in my Girasol Mysol

It did take a little while for us to get in to babywearing. All of the lingo & various carrier types can be very overwhelming to a newbie! Many people start out with whatever they can find in a local big box retail store since it’s convenient, but the employees usually won’t be able to assist you in choosing a proper carrier. Unfortunately, some of the mass produced baby carriers are not ergonomically designed and can actually harm your baby if worn for long periods of time (especially true for the majority of forward facing carriers). So how on Earth do you get started babywearing if the lingo is complicated & you have no clue what carriers are safe nor how to use them?


Sleeping baby in a Didytai borrowed from my local BWI chapter

Two words: Babywearing International. At free local chapter meetings you can get hands on help from accredited Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs) and try on a variety of carriers. Dues paying members may check out carriers from their local lending libraries, depending on availability.


At a BWI meeting, our first time using a ring sling

Attending a few meetings gave me the confidence to try out a couple different carrier types, but I’m definitely still a novice (ok, maybe intermediate) babywearer. I’ve yet to try wrapping because it really intimidates me, but I hope to learn someday. If I get comfortable with that, who knows, maybe I’ll look into accreditation so that I can help other parents discover the joy and benefits of babywearing! Do you babywear? What kind of carrier do you use?


Baby nomming on a Girasol ring sling

If you want to buy a quality carrier from a reputable source, be sure to check out my affiliate, Kiwi Baby Shop. The owner is a Babywearing Institute Certified Educator and happy to answer your babywearing questions!


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