Traveling With Two Kids in Cloth Diapers? I Think We Need More Diapers

Posted on: 07/10/2014

Every summer my family travels to Houston for the Fourth of July. It just so happens to be my husband’s maternal grandmother’s birthday, so it’s an extra incentive to get various relatives together. We’ve made the trek several times with cloth diapers (we also visit around Thanksgiving), but this time posed an extra challenge. We were traveling with a second cloth diapered baby!

Usually my husband is of the mindset that we should take everything we think we may need on a trip, just in case. This includes our entire diaper stash. I was pushing for minimalist packing this time. We tend to stress over packing all of this stuff we might need when in reality, we don’t use half of what we bring along! Thank goodness I talked him out of packing everything. We still didn’t use every diaper we took 😉 Here’s some pictures I took while packing the diapers on top of our clothes in a big storage tote (one of which I shared recently for Wordless Wednesday ).


The first row.


A whole layer of diapers.


A 2nd layer on the top row & I'm done.

Hmmm, but what about the diaper bag? Well, if you’re a cloth diaper user already, you may have spotted some Gro-Via hybrid diapers amongst my stash. We ordered a few more for the trip!


Newest additions to our Gro-Via stash.

We love the Gro-Via hybrid system for short trips around town & long road trips across the state! I’ll give a more in depth review of how the Gro-Via system works for our family (as well as a peek into how I fit cloth diapers for two kids into one diaper bag) in the near future! If you’re interested in checking out Gro-Via for yourself, click through my affiliate banner to Kiwi Baby Shop and get your hands on some ASAP!


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