Doula on my Mind

Posted on: 06/23/2014

Usually, once my baby is born, I’m done with anything pregnancy/birth related. Being that I had gone through this experience three times already, I fully expected the fourth time to be no different.

This time around, I’ve found myself suffering from Postpartum Depression (PPD) ever since my daughter was born almost eight months ago. I cried a lot during the first few days. Then my doula brought my encapsulated placenta pills. I definitely noticed a boost in my mood when I took them and even found myself rationing them out to last longer as I was worried I would start to cry endlessly once they were gone.

My best friend was due a few weeks after me & I spent a day sitting with her while she labored. We supported each other throughout our pregnancies & it was important to be there as much as possible for each other’s labors/births. Several other friends had babies over the next few months and sadly many of them had issues either with their labors or during the initial postpartum period, especially with breastfeeding.

After visiting one friend in particular, something clicked & I started crying on the way home. When my husband asked what was wrong, I told him that my heart was breaking for myself and all of my friends who were having so many problems during such a sensitive time. I told him I was feeling driven to become a doula, a postpartum doula to be exact. He laughed & asked if I had really just now realized this. Sounds like he’s on board!

Next month a new friend is having a baby and she’s asked me to attend! It seems there are signs everywhere pushing me towards doulaing. I’m ready to listen Universe!


One of many books I will read before becoming a doula


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