Cloth Diaper Musings

Posted on: 05/10/2014

One of the best things about using cloth diapers is that I feel like I have accomplished something each day. No matter what the day’s particular circumstances, I can always look back & say “At least I did diapers!”.

With two kids currently in them (Biscuit is 3 and Muffin is 6 months), cloth diapers tend to take up a good chunk of my time. (All the more reason to purchase fun colors & prints, for your enjoyment!) Of course, between the two of them there are many diaper changes throughout the day. Then there’s washing, drying and hang drying (for covers, mama ain’t got time for everything to hang dry). At any given moment, there’s usually a load of diapers, sometimes two or three, in the midst of the cleaning/drying process. After the diapers are clean, they usually sit in a pile on the floor until I get tired of them and find a “free” moment to put them away. As shown in a previous Wordless Wednesday post, we have a diaper organizer which does a pretty good job holding Biscuit’s diapers. Our little Muffin is still very tiny and not using one size diapers just yet (aside from Gro-Via cloth diapers for outings), so her diapers are currently kept separate in two fabric storage cubes.


These newborn diapers have moved on to another baby, but the cube still holds Muffin's diapers well

Did I mention that we use cloth wipes too?! Luckily, that’s not a big hassle either. We received a ton of baby washcloths at Biscuit’s baby shower and have discovered that they are perfect for baby wipe purposes. For convenience’s (and husband’s) sake, we use premade wipe solution wafers mixed with water and poured over the washcloths in a wipe warmer.

Whew! I get tired just talking about it, but it’s really not a huge time investment. If you’re a SAHM(D) tired of always hearing “What did you do all day?”, cloth diapers are a great solution. Also, tell your significant other that the 1950’s called and dinner will not be sitting on the table the moment (s)he walks through the door.


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