In Which I Get A Little Too TMI

Posted on: 10/22/2012

I haven’t mentioned it to to many people I know, & I certainly haven’t said it in a non-joking manner to anyone, but I want one more child. To people who have known me for a long time this is a major surprise. I’ve always said (even when I was five) that I just wanted two kids, a girl & then a boy. I didn’t change my tune until meeting my husband 3 years ago. Now that our little one is a toddler, I find myself yearning for one more tiny bundle…

We’ve discussed it quite a bit recently & have even forgone most contraceptives. Until a few weeks ago, we weren’t even sure getting pregnant would be possible just yet because I still hadn’t gotten my period back. For about a week I was getting horrible pains (most likely due to ovulating) & my brain kept fearing it was an ectopic pregnancy.

Finally, I discovered that, no, my fallopian tube was not about to rupture, I was just getting my first postpartum period. My 17.5 month old breastfeeding champ had kept my period at bay for as long as he could. For the next 5 days, I felt like death warmed over. Like I got hit by a bus when I already had the flu & a stomach virus. Yes, seriously that bad!

Now that it’s over, we really have to make a decision about if and when we should have another child. Depending on what our moods are like, each time we have this discussion we change our minds. Until then, I’m researching natural methods of contraception.


2 Responses to "In Which I Get A Little Too TMI"

Ha, I feel like this all the time! Want another now, don’t. Want another now, don’t. We know we want to try for another baby, but not sure when. I’m sorry you were hurting so much and then getting attacked by a nasty period! My form of natural contraception? I KNOW when I ovulate. Not to the minute, or even to the day, but within 3 or 4 days because I HUUUURT! I’m b/f’ing our 13 month old still, but before getting pregnant with him I would have to drink a wine cooler or two just to help with the incredible pain I would have. If we abstain for the days I’m hurting plus one more, I don’t conceive. 😉 And my son has *not* prevented that post-baby period. 3 1/2 months and I was back up and running again! Lol


Thanks for commiserating! I seem to get worse with each child which is partially why I’m on the fence about a fourth. The older the baby gets though, the more I want him to have a close in age sibling to play with, so I think #4 is in our future!


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