Our Daily Journal

Posted on: 09/20/2012


My boys doing daily journal time.

The only thing we do every day (as far as homeschooling goes) is our daily journal. My 9 year old has the handwriting of, well, a 9 year old boy! We started journaling to give him time to practice his handwriting as well as work on his creativity skills. Each day we check the daily writing prompt website that I found for that day’s subject. Sometimes we stick to the prompt, other times we use it as a subject guide, but change up what we’ll write about that subject. A few times we have scrapped the prompt & picked our own subject either because the prompt was a bit over my boy’s head or because he requested to write about something in particular. As my goal is to get him excited about writing, I almost always go with his subject choice when he makes a request!

The baby? Oh, he doesn’t get a subject, but he demands to sit down & “write” with brother. Who am I to say no to this quiet time every morning?


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