New Venture

Posted on: 09/12/2012

Where have I been? Well, aside from running a household, raising 3 kids, homeschooling & celebrating my second anniversary (which was yesterday, by the way), I’ve started a new business venture. I’ve become an independent consultant for Usborne Books and More & I couldn’t be more excited!


When I got my kit, I was happily surprised to see that they included books for all ages! My (almost) 13 year old daughter, 9 year old son & 17 month old baby all quickly grabbed a book that interested them and then… silence! They were all quietly reading (well, the baby was gazing at pictures). I’m excited to see where this will lead me & I’m happy to be introducing quality books to my friends & family. I love giving books as gifts so many people I know will get a chance to see these books up close & personal! I’m in the process of perusing my catalog for books that will be helpful with our homeschooling. Did I mention that I’m excited?

Disclaimer: Usborne Publishing Ltd. has no connection with these pages and does not sponsor or support their content.


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