Pop Pop Pop!

Posted on: 08/09/2012


The quality of the camera on my phone isn’t too great, but that is a picture of the freshest popcorn I’ve ever had. Straight off the cob!

When we got a bag full of small, dry, red ears of corn on the cob in our CSA bag, I was excited & a little nervous. I stink at making popcorn. As in, I burn it everytime & then carry the stench of defeat & burned popcorn in my hair until I wash it.

I read directions on the internet that essentially said “wipe the corn off with a dry rag, put it in a paper bag, put it in the microwave & remove when popping slows down”. Ok, I think I can manage that…

I then proceeded to burn one of those tiny little corncobs. *Sigh* I stink like burnt popcorn. I decided to try it one more time…

Success! I made popcorn! Not just any popcorn; locally grown, organic popcorn! Next up: I’m going to attempt to cook it in a pot.

I’m hoping to eventually get rid of our microwave, but my middle child is a popcorn addict. As soon as I add “stovetop popcorn maker” to my list of talents, that microwave well be one step closer to leaving our lives. Victory never stank so much. Time to open a window.


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