Slow Down

Posted on: 10/28/2011

My youngest child is 6.5 months old & quite the active little guy! He’s also an on demand nurser, which, in his case, seems to mean an all day nurser. Don’t get me wrong, he loves to play. Plenty of tummy time has led to him becoming a very mobile baby.

However, these play sessions only seem to last for 5-10 minutes at a time, certainly not long enough to get much done around the house. After a few minutes, he is howling to be in my arms & yanking at my shirt so he can nurse. Usually I sit down a bit frustrated around the hundredth time or so & think of all the things I need to do, but can’t because I have to drop everything, sit down & hold him until he’s done (often then having to sit with him while he sleeps). Today, after a particularly rough morning with my older son, I started washing diapers & of course, there it was, the sounds of a baby crying through the monitor.

I sighed a little bit. Couldn’t I get a minute to do something productive today? I went upstairs & laid down with him. He gave a content little sigh as he latched on. Then he started patting my face, tiny fingers searching for my lips so I could kiss & nibble them while he nursed. The most frustrating thing about nursing is also one of the best, it forces you to SLOW DOWN.

I’m not just talking about taking things one by one, but really slowing down, often even coming to a complete halt, several times a day. I am forced on numerous occasions each day to sit down & put my feet up. How many people can say that & of those, how many would really complain? I’ve decided to take a new look at these forced breaks & appreciate the time just spent holding my baby & not doing much else. Maybe this kiddo has the right idea. I do need to slow down.


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