Baby Talk

Posted on: 02/21/2011

With the arrival of my third child only a few weeks away, I find myself constantly thinking about & researching baby topics. High on my list of research topics is cloth-diapering.

Now that I no longer live in an apartment & have my own washer & dryer, cloth diapers seem far more feasible than they were with my older kids. I find the prospect a bit overwhelming though. The internet is full of information about all the various kinds of cloth-diapers & contradicting advice. I don’t know many people who have cloth diapered, so I don’t have anyone to use as an example or to ask for advice.

Another topic I’ve been researching is breastfeeding, more specifically the ability to nurse after piercing your nipples. My first child did not take to nursing after the hospital bottle fed her several times. My second child was a champion nurser & we went to 18 months.

About 4 years ago, I decided that I would not be having anymore children & went through with the piercings I had been wanting. Now I find myself wondering if that decision will prevent me from breastfeeding this child. Only time will tell!

Speaking of things babies eat, I made almost all of my second child’s baby food & plan to make everything for this child (no jarred food here!). Last time I made baby food, the only appliance available to me was a blender. It did the job well enough in the beginning, but wasn’t quite what I needed once he started eating chunkier textured food. I’m currently looking at the pros & cons of food processors. Any suggestions?


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