Too Many Activities?

Posted on: 02/15/2011

How many after school activities are most kids involved in? My 7 year old is trying to pick a sport that interests him & doesn’t currently participate in another activity. My 11 year old however, does a lot!

She started playing the viola this year, joined the Young Astronauts club & is trying her hand at volleyball this season. While I’m glad that she enjoys trying so many things & seems to be good at all of them, I worry that she’s taking on too much.

During school she’s also in the GT program, serves as a school ambassador to new students, & starting the morning announcements soon. She’s got a very full plate! I know some parents would be thrilled to have such a busy child, but I just want a happy child.

I’m trying to maintain a good balance between letting her explore her options & keeping her from overwhelming herself. Did you think all these activities were my idea? Nope! I actually had to say no to joining the Girl Scouts because it would’ve interfered with her viola practice & really would leave her exhausted.

With her starting middle school next year, there’s already talk of what sports or clubs she may want to join. I think she forgets that school is for learning & all the other stuff is just extra. We’ve got the whole summer to plan time management, thank goodness!


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