The Microwave’s Gift of Time

Posted on: 02/11/2011

Contrary to what most Americans probably think, the microwave wasn’t invented for lazy people. It was created as a time-saver for busy people!

I try not to overuse the microwave due to my belief that it is not a very nutritious way to prepare food. It is very convenient though, so I don’t imagine I’ll get rid of it at any point.

I find the greatest thing my microwave gives me is time. Of course you realize it’s a time saver in that it cooks your food quickly so you can get to other business. Do you know it’s also a time giver?

What do you do during the time your food is heating up? Do you use your phone or just stand around waiting? Not me! I get all my tiny kitchen chores dones during this time. I organize the drawer that seems to get messed up once a week. I load or unload some of the dishes in/out of the dishwasher. I put clothes in the washer or dryer. I divy out some of the kids’ sides for their school lunches.

I make use of the extra time I’m given! So tell me, what do you do with your microwave time?


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